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About Dome Burger

Originally named after the Kingdome Stadium, Dome Burger was first established in 1984. Even after Seattle's landmark stadium was demolished with dynamites, Dome Burger's name was kept and we have continued to celebrate the great memories and athletic events that once took place in Kingdome Stadium. After a change in management in 2011, Dome Burger has renovated both it's appearance and menu. With a classic American restaurant atmosphere, we are proud to be the only restaurant in Seattle that servies certified 100% Angus beef homemade patties that we grind daily. Our burgers are served with fresh vegetables and fries, and you can make any burger a meal with our signature Dome Shakes. Each burger has its own house sauce that adds a unique flavor and taste, accommodating for all customers' likings. Also, Seattle's exciting nightlife has many club goers wandering for food during the night. After new management, we have extended our open hours on the weekends until 3:30 am. Customers can enjoy our authentic, homemade burgers all day and night. Come by Dome Burger and experience one of the oldest and most celebrated burger restaurants in Seattle.